Help support the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired by joining us on the KC Trolly Run

Help us support the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired (CCVI) by participating in the Trolly Run. Last year, Paul Mimms, Koi Law, and I ventured out in the rain with our wonderful supporters and guides of Dawn, my Dad, and other Veterans. Our goal for this year is to field a larger contingent of blinded Veterans walking and running to support the CCVI serve the children and families who need these services to thrive.

The Trolly Run will occur on April 29th. The four mile jaunt takes you along the trolly route, ending up in the Plaza. The course is filled with supporters and bystanders cheering on participants, truly energizing all those willing to get out and go for it.

If you are interested, please respond or let me know as soon as you can, by sending me an email at

Our participation in the Trolly Run enables children with a visual impairment and their families receive crucial services and education from CCVI. Most of the clients of CCVI are between newborns to preschool age. These formable years represent the time when basic blindness skills will set the stage for how they will advance in school. Keep in mind that many kids this young who possess a visual impairment also possess other learning and developmental disabilities, and require as much assistance as possible.

If you cannot join us for the Trolly Run itself, we try to join CCVI for their sports day that occurs earlier in the week. Another way you can support other individuals who are blind is to consider donating devices and software that you no longer use. The majority of our fellow blind and visually impaired brothers and sisters do not possess the awesome array of services and benefits we receive from the VA. If you have any devices that you wish to donate, let me know and we will find someone who needs your items to achieve their goals.