How to acquire the VA’s new ID card is simple through

In 2015, President Obama signed, Public Law No: 114-31,, the Veterans Identification Card Act, into law. After two years of development, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced on November 29 eligibility requirements and methods to obtain the printed Veterans ID card.

The Veterans ID card replaces the DD-214 when requested to show proof of service. “The new Veterans Identification Card provides a safer and more convenient and efficient way for most Veterans to show proof of service,” Dr. Shulkin remarked when describing the ID card. This is true for the majority of Veterans who honorably served but who do not possess the Department of Defense military retiree card. An alternative to the Veterans ID card is to check whether your state’s driver’s license or state ID identifies one’s Veterans status.

If you wish to apply for the Veterans ID card, head to Once there, locate the link, “apply for the printed Veterans ID card.”

From here you will be redirected to the sign in page for The next page provides additional information about the Veterans ID card, like alternative ID cards to show proof of service. These alternative cards include the Veterans Health ID card, any ID card from the Department of Defense, and Veteran status indicators on state-based ID cards. Below this is the option to proceed with applying for the Veterans ID card. Before proceeding, make sure you have another ID card available with a picture of your head from the shoulders up.

The next several pages will gather basic information about you, like your name, address, military service, and similar demographical information. After inputing your information, you will then scan and upload a photo ID of yourself. Upon submission, VA indicates a 60 day turn around. TO check on your status, return to and click on the same link to apply for the Veterans ID card.

As a screen reader user, the overall process is fairly easy and straight forward. provides an easier way to access VA services and benefits and the website. The main issues encountered stems from the password requirements for DS Logon and the Next button in the application required a mouse click. Otherwise, the application process is fully accessible if you know how to use your screen reader and internet browser.