Thank You Mothers For Your Service

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of our mothers here. Your children and families thank you for instilling lessons about leadership, duty, selfless-sacrifice, and service from watching you balance military and family obligations. For the mothers with children in the military, we thank you for the countless mail, calls, touches of home, and other items you sent us. Thank you for being there on a moment’s call when we needed someone to cover down at home or watch and explain to our kids, families, and everyone else about our service. For our partners, thank you for being by our side and covering down for us or being the only one around to keep us from crumbling apart while deployed or recovering from injuries.

Without our Mothers out there, we would not be here. Thank you to all of the Moms for being mom.

Military Moms are a special type of Mom. If you want the picture of a true hero, imagine being deployed and with the duties and responsibilities to ensure the safety of your unit and professional development of your Soldiers, Sailors, airmen, or Marines. When you are back in your room, you then switch over to helping your kids with homework or conversing with your partner/family. So how you maintain composure and skillfully switch between roles without missing a step.

Now imagine you are the spouse of a Service Member and your partner is away, and you are now a geographical single parent. Juggling all of your normal duties and responsibilities alongside those your partner used to fulfill becomes a normal part of your life. Is it easy, no, but you pull if off without a second thought.

Now imagine you are a Mom who is worried about your child or children who are in the military and you know not what is in their future. You take on any opportunities to assist, and maintain a steadfast composure despite the constant worrying about the safety and wellbeing of your child.

These are just a few of the ways Moms find themselves when in the military. Somehow Moms find the strength, patience, and endurance to overcome these extraordinary situations, making them the true heroes.

Thank you Moms.