Heartland’s 3 Ways to Promote Dialogue

The Heartland Regional Group is tasked with fostering communications and planning activities for the blinded Veterans residing in Kansas and Missouri. These tasks require an innovated approach to promote dialogue between all of our members and supporters. If you wish to receive updates and let your voices be heard, we have several options to connect us all. You can subscribe to our blog, join our email discussion group, or follow our Facebook page.

Blinded Veterans of the Heartland Website

If you would like to receive announcements, relevant articles, and our newsletters straight to your inbox, consider visiting and subscribing to our blog at http://heartland.blindnotalone.com. The website features our latest news, how to connect with our peer support teleconferences, and information about blindness and beneficial technology for independence.

Email Discussion Group

If you prefer email updates and discussions, our email discussion group is perfect for you. The private group ensures only our fellow blinded Veterans and supporters may join the discussion, ensuring our privacy. If you wish to join or know someone who should be invited, send an email to us, and include your name and preferred email. Once added, you will receive an email with information on how to send and reply to the group.

Heartland on Facebook
Finally, show us how much you like us through Facebook. Visit, https://facebook.com/blindedveteran/ and be sure to Like and Follow the page. This will notify you about new posts and replies from the group.

As blinded Veterans of the Heartland regional group, its up to each of us to determine our group’s future. Our success depends on how we are able to come together to determine our own goals. So we hope you take the time to sign up and join the conversation.